Hello! I am very happy you are interested in Mosaics this year!

The theme is LIFT EVERY VOICE. We are celebrating the art and work of Black people.

For this presentation we are filming a selection of monologues. I am hoping to find five people to perform a two minute monologue each, for a total of 10 minutes of monologues. 


1. Tape yourself performing a monologue that you LOVE! It does not have to fit the theme. It should just show me what you can do. Frame yourself from mid waist to the top of your head with very little space above your head. Perform your monologue theatrically, NOT acting for the camera.

2. Save your tape to your computer or to Vimeo or Youtube and then visit this link. You will either upload your tape or provide a link to the video. You DO NOT need to do both.

3. Review the form to be sure you have filled out all of the information, and have either uploaded your tape OR provided a link, and click submit.

4. All auditions are due by SEPTEMBER 10th at 5 pm. 

I will send out an email to those of you cast in the project by Saturday September 12th. Scheduling is flexible and will include roughly 30 minutes of monologue work during the week of September 14th, and 30 minutes of filming during the week of September 21st.


I STRONGLY encourage FRESHMAN and SOPHOMORES to submit for this project! It is a great way to get the ball rolling on performing at Temple!