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"To say that the Arden Theatre Company’s production of this musical is a triumph would be an understatement. From casting to staging, lights, sets, and costumes, this production fires on all cylinders." Frank Schierloh

"The Arden Theater Company's strong season-closing production looks not only at the why of storytelling but the who as well, smartly refocusing the action and broadening the narrative frame. Thankfully director Amina Robinson delivers strong ideas that center the voices of the community...A thoughtfully reimagined production of Once on This Island smartly overcomes elements of the 1990 musical that haven’t aged well." Cameron Kelsall Broad Street Review

I think Robinson’s effort to connect the show’s message and the real instability of Haiti is truly admirable. The symbolism is seen throughout the show, and I think it can apply across many continental lines. There were some great moments in this production. Earl Hopkins Philadelphia Inquirer

"The Arden's staging is truly stellar. Helmed by Amina Robinson... this production fully embraces the script and sets it amongst the turmoil of current struggles happening in Haiti. Using this setting to highlight the show's insistence on hope, love, and basic human compassion for one another is a decidedly smart choice. It allows for the fantastical aspects of the show to feel grounded and real in a way that helps them soar." Frank Schierloh

"Yet, this Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty show helmed by Amina Robinson isn't your typical tragedy of star crossed lovers. Its about a community seeking healing." rndyounghowze Theater Blog

"If we seem at a loss for words this is one of the most moving impactful musicals we have seen in a long time. rndyounghowze Theater Blog

"This is one you won't forget." Philadelphia Row Home Magazine

"A magnificently staged theatrical journey awaits at Arden Theatre Company, directed by Amina Robinson... Don't miss this moving gem of a show." Lisa Panzer Delco Culture Vultures

PHOTO CREDIT: Ashley Smith/ Wide Eyed Studios

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